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End of semester is mostly considered to be the worst season by students across the board. Why is this so? Students are often burdened with numerous assignments that they are supposed to submit before the close of the semester and at the same time they are supposed to prepare for end of semester examinations. This means that most students do not have enough time to prepare for their examinations and at the same time finish all their assignments.

Whether you are struggling with assignments and need professional assistance or you need someone to do your assignments for you, this is the place for you! We are a renowned group that offers professional academic help to students (from high school all the way to PhD level).

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While you may be struggling to finish your short deadline essays, there aren�t many professional companies designed to take urgent essays. We are here for that purpose!

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After working with students for many years, we have come to the realization that short-deadline and late assignments cause the worst headaches. Because of this, we have designed several services that are dedicated to students struggling to finish such assignments. You can now request for a one hour essay, four hours essay, eight hours essay or ten hours essay.

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Academic assignments, essays, term papers and dissertations are usually very complex and they demand utmost dedication in order to produce the required quality. For this reason, our company hires various academic writers, from all academic fields, to help complete the tasks. We also understand that academic writing require some level of creativity, and for this reason we have been offering different training to our writers in order to enhance their writing skills.

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Our team comprises very competent writers that are drawn from different academic backgrounds. Further and beyond academic qualifications, all our writers go through a rigorous recruitment process and only the very best make it to our final list. Our writers are required to follow strict writing guidelines in order to ensure that our clients are happy. For instance, the writers know that your term paper, essay, thesis or research papers are written from scratch and are of high quality. They also understand that plagiarism is a punishable offence within our company and this is emphatically said to all writer every now and then.

Edussoon.com offer value for money services. Our prices are very competitive in the market and our writers are paid well to ensure they remain vigilant and motivated.

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Our custom essay writers are drawn from various professions and academics fields. This gives us a wider scoop on the amount of work that we can handle at any particular time. Although it is also important to inquire with us before placing a complex order, over 99% of the orders requested are completed without problems. This means that our expert essay writers that can handle almost any project requested.

All custom essays requested from our companies are handled by competent writers, we have never joggled between customs� money and their work, our main reason for business is to satisfy your clients needs. A professional audit of our writers, from the database, tells us that about 50% of our writers are technical professionals with varying experience from their fields. Social, humanity academic fields are covered by more than 40% of our writers.

This is a fair distribution especially when we consider that the most difficult orders that clients request are from technical fields of study. This further implies our essay writers� database is very rich and can serve everyone who wants to request a custom essay paper.

Our essay writers are highly equipped to ensure your college or professional essays are well written. At edussoon.com, college essay writers are at your service. They will take your instructions, topics and write you a custom paper from scratch. A custom paper free of plagiarism and original. A custom paper to give you A+ grade in your results.
It is our responsibility to satisfy your quest through provision of high quality papers. After submission of clearly illustrated instructions with a specific deadline, you can relax and wait for our essay writers to do the rest. If for one reason or ther other the writer fails to meet your expectations, kindly contact our administrators 24/7 for any assistance. We accept up to 3 revisions from a client, it is important that you clarify every detail to ensure that your papers are completed with ease. So, whether you need a paper in the next 3 hours or 3 months, we can help you get the perfect grade. Order a custom essay paper today.

Most Asked Questions About Urgent Services

Is your service confidential?

At edussoon.com, you can be 100% sure that your personal information, order instructions or the completed assignment itself will never be revealed to any third parties. Our services are purely confidential, as we care for our customers� interests and value them.

How do writers at edussoon.com know what I need?

Be guaranteed to receive professional essay writing services by edussoon.com writers. That is why we understand all your concerns, worries, and guarantee quality work according to your requirements. We employ a number of graduate professionals under every field of specialization. Essay writers at edussoon.com are strongly committed to quality and excellence. They craft all academic papers from scratch and they will never plagiarize your work.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 100% money back guarantee. This feature gives you complete assurance that if anything goes wrong � you can easily receive a 100% refund. For details feel free to visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

Will I be able to keep in touch with the writer, assigned to my paper?

Yes, you will be able to communicate with your writer by writing messages in the control panel of your account. Our support works on the round-the-clock basis, which guarantees that your message will be answered almost in no time.

Is there a possibility that plagiarism will be found in the completed order?

This possibility is 100% excluded. All of our papers are 100% original. We have developed our own plagiarism-checker that easily detects any kind of plagiarism. We can assure you that your paper will be absolutely original. We have already checked hundreds of papers and among those we had no plagiarism cases so far.

What if I�m not satisfied with my essay?

If you are dissatisfied with the paper you received � you are free to ask for as many free revisions of your custom written paper as you need. However, mind that we can make revision only if their instructions won�t contradict the initial ones in the order form.

Will my paper be original?

Edussoon.com writers write all custom papers from scratch. Be sure you will not have trace of plagiarism in your paper.

Will you meet the deadline?

It would be very frustrating and disappointing if you fail to meet the deadline that your professor gave you. Hence, we ensure that your paper is done before the deadline so that you can also have time to read your paper through.

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